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Anal Sex Tips & Precautions- Feel The Pleasure Of Anal Sex

Hey guys, are you an anal lover? And wish to penetrate your wife/girlfriend ass and crazy about anal sex. 

Does your partner’s butt shape drive you crazy?? And Are you crazy about rocking your partner’s ass??

Then Don’t worry. Here in this article, we will be sharing some tricks and tips to makes your anal sex pleasurable and memorable. But for this, you need to take some crucial steps, like you need to train your partner ass to accommodate your hard and long penis.

Anal Sex Is Common Among People Across The Nation. But Still Most Indian Girls Don’t Get Ready For Anal Penetration Because Of The Myth That Anal Penetration Hurts Only, Rather Than Also Giving You The Immense Pleasure With A Erotic Sex Sensation.

Although I can’t deny that anal sex doesn’t hurt them, but I also promise that taking these precautions and following these steps will ensure that you’ll experience no pain. So if you’re trying anal sex the first time, then ask your husband/boyfriend to train your anal cells first.

Most of the time, people don’t enjoy anal sex as they are not aware of the tips they should follow. As a result, sometimes it becomes horrible and painful for both giving and receiving partners.

Do you know before you penetrate your queen’s ass, you need to get ready her anal cells to accommodate your penis? Yes, you heard right. You need to work on your partner’s anal cell before you start rocking inside it.

I know “train your partner anal cell” sounds weird, but this is the fact, guys, if you wish to enjoy anal sex repeatedly, then you should work on your receiving partner anal cells. Don’t worry, and I’ll explain to you the fact why it is necessary.

As all, we know anal cells are designed to repeal things not to accommodate, so when you penetrate it with your hard and coarse penis, the changes are that your queen may experience heavy bleeding, and you too experience some bleeding in your hard and coarse flash.

According to the San Francisco Aids Foundation survey, 86% of people experience pain at least once, while 9% never experience pain. About 36% of people enjoy pain during anal sex, whereas 64% of people ask their partner to stop penetration anally because of the pain.

So, avoiding anal training before banging it can ruin your desire for your entire life. But don’t worry and read this article till the end as here we’ll be discussing how to enjoy anal sex without pain. And before this also read about anal sex safety

Pro Tips For Anal Sex- How To Prepare Your Queen’s Anal To Bang

Anus is full of sensitive nerve ending that makes anal sex most pleasurable, but forceful penetration can ruin this, so start training your partner ass. You can do it in various ways like exercise, using sex toys, and a few other butt play.

You can ask your queen to start practising splits, as this will make the process easy and smooth. Splits may take a few weeks. But sometimes this may become boring.

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So you can also try with your tongue and fingers. Yes, sex is all about intimacy and emotions, and using your tongue and finger will help you in a better way. Guys, I swear you will enjoy this a lot, and you haven’t tried this yet, seriously you’ve missed a lot. So try eating her ass today.

Before you start eating her ass, I would advise you to tease her with your hot breath. Your presence near your queen ass will drive her crazy, and she will enjoy this experience which will make your anal sex memorable. You can also lick and bite her butt gently. Spanking and squeezing her butt will also help you in various ways.

You can lick her, bite her, spank her, and squeeze her gently, but if she loves pain during intimacy, then you can increase the intensity of biting, licking, spanking, and even squeezing. But this depends on the individuals.

The Harder The Nights Are, The More Pleasurable The Day Will Be. If Your Queen Has A Rough Day At The Office, Reward Her Long Rough Night With Intense Anal Sex.

When she starts enjoying, use your tongue to lick and penetrate her ass with your tongue. You can also use your small finger to penetrate her slowly. Be careful and ask her to guide you as this will avoid pain. Once she starts accommodating your one finger inside her ass, try using two fingers and follow the processing unit she accommodates your hard and coarse penis.

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