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Let’s Make Her Fall In Love for Anal Penetration

There are a variety of reasons for the war between lass and fudge packing. Packages of Myth have surrounded women about anal sex since they have learned… what sex is!.

I remember few girls in my teenage gossiping about why not to have anal sex, as it is unpleasant, straight ones don’t like it; it left you with unbearable pain,  Anal Hygiene- its messy, this sexual practice can hurt anal muscle, but all these myths are anything but true.

Let’s see how you can take her out of this bubble and bust these Myths

  1. Foreplay – Don’t try to threaten or beg or trick her; try to be master of foreplay, let her get comfortable with your touch in many different ways and places, especially her butt ( as you’re fantasizing about being in that hole!!)

Once she started getting aroused with your press at that locus, believe it! She will be expecting more. Start taking aid from intimacy products and, of course, your finger, till she gets comfortable with that idea of something inside from that very particular aperture or hole.

  1. Communication is the key:- Talk it over, talk about it, find out what is exactly making her silly- Shally to try it, see what you can do to distance her fear. Woefully!! The same cluster of nerves that are responsible for pleasure causes pain if you go off the technique.  So, while convincing her for anal sex, show your concern about her pleasure too…
  2. Comfort her on the First attempt – After the first attempt, many girls swear it off for life, and sometimes even if she hasn’t tried it. Even horror stories from others would have scared her to nerves. Anus gets tightened if she is not relaxed or nervous. It’s not a quickie thing. Choose the right time and right place when she is unruffled, even you are not supposed to be halting.

Be ready with your kits like bubble bath, or massage or hardcore sex videos.  Note this “sowing seeds of pleasure is utmost important”.

  1. Ensure your smooth ride – unlike the front opening, the anus doesn’t create its lubricants; make sure you need a lot of artificial wetness. Once you start your slow proceeding, talk to her, ask her if it hurts. Don’t push yourself because the hardest part will be the penis and sphincter, and the sphincter will be resisting the entry. Initiate with slow in and out process; once you feel relaxed, go with the flow.

She is going to be very confident, if she finds you with the right technique, this will not only relax her but will fill her with gladness. At the same time, flattening your way for next time.

  1. Sound – Let her hear you!!! Let your lady know how sexy you sound, how seductively you can moan. Though she can’t see you but let her ears get that pleasure.  This will treat her sexual hormones, and she will be all yours.
  2. Tools – At the end of the day, you and your penis can’t be the only things to get all the enjoyment. Use different tools and amuse her. DON’T, like DON’T, ignore her pussy and Clit; after all, they can be your way to that very hole…
  3. Dealing With Defoul – Well, sometimes she may be worried about the mess created on her sheets or around her body, and if by any chance you create a mess is created by you….. Its No!! And completely no for next time…

So, for delaying with this used condom or you can do it in the shower also. As it will clean that dirt and spice your sexual practice. Most important will open the door for the next round (maybe this time between the sheets!!)

  1. Signature Moves – Use as many signature moves and elements you can use, like pulling her hairs or digging your nails or using handcuffs to mix your naughtiness or single or tube full of ice cubes for chilling her gut. You can’t be simple and boring; after all, she has permitted you to play around.
  2. Rewarding – After anal sex, reward her, return her favour with oral or some other sweet gesture with melts her, show her how much you cherish her for letting you into that hole of her. Make room for another chance.

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