benefits of neem leaves for the hair

Benefits Of Neem Leaves For Hair

Hair fall is one of the significant issues among the people living in India. Here I am sharing some benefits of Neem leaves for hair. I hope this will help you to prevent hair fall.

1. Treat Dandruff & Itchy Scalp

If you are suffering from Dandruff, but nothing helps you to get rid of it then must try Neem leave for dandruff free hair and healthy scalp. Neem leaves contain antifungal and antibacterial properties which help you to remove dandruff.  Neem leaves help you to reduce dryness, flakiness, itchiness and leaves your scalp healthy and moisturized.

How To Use Neem Leaves To Treat Dandruff

  • Boil some Neem leaves and use it as pre-shampoo
  • Now pour it and massage your scalp gently for around 10 minutes
  • Now wash your hair with anti-dandruff. Repeat this process once or twice in a week.

2. Promotes hair growth

One of the significant benefits leaves for hair is that it provides strength and reduce hair fall. Thus, it results in strong and healthy hair. Regular use of Neem leaves hair mask gives you long and voluminous hair without an extra effort.

How To Use Neem Leaves To Promotes Hair Growth

  • Use Neem leaves powder with coconut oil
  • Apply on to hair from root to tips at-least once in a week
  • After applying it on your hair, massage your hair gently to stimulate blood circulation in your scalp.

3. Prevent Premature Graying

If you are experiencing premature graying, then Neem leaves have several benefits for you. This benefits of Neem leaves are lesser-known. The Neem leaves contain a high level of antioxidant which prevent premature graying of hair caused due to the hormonal imbalance, sun damage, and stress.

How To Use Neem Leaves For Premature Greying

  • Prepare Neem leaves powder and mix it with yoghurt
  • Apply this mixture on to your hair
  • leave it for 20 minutes after that wash it properly with shampoo

4. Hydrates Dry Ends

Are you suffering from rough, and dry ends, and lifeless hair then Neem leaves can be something you are looking for. The benefit of Neem leaves has a great deal by providing hydration and maintaining the proper health of your hair.

How To Use Neem Leaves To Hydrates Dry Ends

  • Prepare Neem leaves to powder and now take lukewarm water
  • Now add two-three tablespoon Neem leaves powder into lukewarm water and mix it properly
  • Apply it on the tip of your leaves
  • Leave it for 10 minutes and after that wash it properly