5 Home Remedies To Prevent Diabetes

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder. In this condition, People experience elevated blood sugar levels. Diabetes is one of the fatal diseases which causes millions of death every year. According to the WHO, i.e., world health organization in 2012, more than 1.5 million people lost their life due to this metabolic disorder. Diabetes is of two types, which are type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes.

Home Remedies Of Prevent Diabetes

What Are The Causes Of Diabetes?

Multiple causes are associated with each type of this metabolic disorder.

Type 1 Diabetes

It mainly occurs because our body immune cells mistakenly attack the insulin-producing beta cell of Pancreas. But the actual cause of type 1 diabetes is still unknown.

Type 2 Diabetes

It mainly occurs due to the poor lifestyle. Being overweight is one of the essential factors which increases the chance of getting type 2 diabetes. Having access to fat in your belly makes your body cells more resistant to insulin.

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List Of 5 Home Remedies To Prevent Diabetes

There are several home remedies to prevent diabetes. Here we have listed the best 5 methods which will help you to lower the blood sugar level or will help you to maintain the healthy blood sugar level in your body.

  1. Exercise Regularly

Performing regular exercise helps you to reduce the fat present in your body. Losing your body fat increase the sensitivity of the cell towards the insulin. Higher sensitivity lower the chance of getting diabetes.

During physical exercise, your body needs extra energy for muscle contraction. Thus it reduces the glucose level in the blood and helps you to maintain this level under the healthy limit.

  1. Lower The Intake Of Carbohydrates

Our body breaks the carbohydrates into the glucose; then, insulin moves the sugar into the cells. When you consume a heavy concentration of carbohydrates, then this process doesn’t occur, resulting in elevated blood sugar levels.

According to the American Diabetes Association (CDA), one can control their carb intake by counting carb intake or by following the food exchange system. Several studies show that a lower-carb diet reduces the change of getting metabolic disorder.

  1. Increase the Intake Of Fiber

The high concentration of fiber in your body helps you to digest the carbohydrates easily. Thus diet with high fiber concentration level helps you to lower the chance of diabetes.

There are two kinds of fiber, which are soluble fiber and insoluble fiber. Soluble fiber is most effective in lowering the level of blood sugar level in your body, although both kinds of fiber have shown its importance in reducing this fatal metabolic disorder.

  1. Consume Sufficient Amount Of Water

Drinking the proper amount of water helps you to maintain the correct hydration in your body. Appropriate hydration level enables you to sustain optimum sugar levels in your body.

When you are drinking enough amount of water, then the kidney removes an excess level of blood sugar through the urine, thus drinking water is one of the best ways to maintain sugar level in your body. It also lowers the risk of them getting this fatal disease.

  1. Reduce the stress level

Stress can affect your blood glucose level. It is suggested to lower your body stress level. During stress, glucagon is secreted, which increases the level of glucose in your bloodstream. Getting proper sleep and performing proper exercise help you to maintain the tension.

Above listed home remedies to prevent diabetes will help you to maintain the healthy blood sugar level in your body.


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