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15 Best Bra Brands In India 2021- Review & Buying Guide

Hey Ladies, here we come up with an exciting topic, and it is the 15 best bra brands in India. Isn’t it interesting???

However I know you’re a pro at shopping, aren’t you?

Yes, Great, we ladies are born talented, am I right???

But if you are shopping for a bra for the first time or want to switch your bra brands, this post is “Super Se Upper” for you, darling.  So read this post till the end, and don’t skip even a single word.

Okay!! Are you aware of your breast size?

If Yes, then scroll down and check the list of 15 best brands in India and check the bra buying guide. But if you don’t know your size, then try the bra size calculator.

Do you know how you can calculate your bra size? No??

Don’t worry; it is too easy, and you can measure with simple addition and subtraction rules and measuring tape. So if you want to know, then CLICK Here. Else go ahead and read further.

The bra is one of the crucial pieces of clothing in women’s wardrobes, and today in this article, we will be discussing the 15 best bra brands in India. The best brands provide luxury, comfort, and support to the body every day. Having best bra is crucial for the ladies because bra is a woman’s perfect companion, and it witnesses both good and bad times, so be a little careful while buying a bra. Below, we have listed the 15 best bra brands in India and listed some crucial things and buying guides you should consider while buying a bra.

In the recent past, means of shopping has changed and now people like us shop clothing including bra online only so if you’re looking for best bra brands in India then good news for you as here we have listed 15 best bra brands in India with a price. It is available in various shapes, sizes, and styles which is suitable for different dresses.

Bras are also available in various pretty colours, textures, and prints, which helps you feel good on the inside, and along with this, it also supports our twins and provides comfort to the pair. To save your time and make things easy, we share the best bra brands in India; thus, you can shop best according to your needs.

15 Best Bra Brands In India

  • Enamor
  • Calvin klein
  • Teenager
  • Body care
  • Zivame
  • Lovable
  • Clovia
  • Triumph
  • Floret
  • Amante
  • Jockey
  • Rosaline
  • Pretty Secrets
  • Twins
  • DressBerry

15 Best Bra Brands In India- Price List

S.No Bra Brands In India Price Shop
1 Enamor Check Price Buy
2 Calvin Klein Check Price Buy
3 Teenager Check Price Buy
4 Body care Check Price Buy
5 Zivame Check Price Buy
6 Lovable Check Price Buy
7 Clovia Check Price Buy
8 Triumph Check Price Buy
9 Floret Check Price Buy
10 Amante Check Price Buy
11 Jockey Check Price Buy
12 Rosaline Check Price Buy
13 Pretty Secrets Check Price Buy
14 Twins Check Price Buy
15 DressBerry Check Price Buy

Note- Click On the Buy Link To Purchase & to check the price of the selected bra brand in India click on the check price option. 

How To Calculate Bra Size

In the above section, we have discussed the 15 best bra brands in India. Now, we will be discussing which bra size fits you so that you can feel comfortable. 

Ohh, Come On, Ladies,

I know you know your size, but around 80% of women in India wear poorly fitting bras.

Shocking?? But yes, it is true, at least according to the research, so it is crucial to know which bra size is perfect for you and your twins. 

Most of us don’t know how to calculate which bra size fits her, but don’t worry; I’ll help you with this. Below are the methods and complete calculations that will help you find the right size bra for yourself.

Calculating bra size is simple, and it can be done in few simple steps only; and these steps are

Step- 01

In this step, you need to calculate band size, which can be done by following these steps.

  • Take a tape and measure the underbust size
  • Round the number obtained the nearest whole number 

Now, if the whole number is even, then add 4 inches and if the obtained number is odd, add 5 inches to it. So if your underbust measurement is 26.6, then the round off will be 27, and the brand size will be 27+5= 32

Step- 02

Now calculate bust size/cup size. For this, wrap the tape around the fullest part of your bust. 

  • Ensure that it is neither too tight nor too loose 
  • Round off the obtained number to the nearest whole number
  • Now subtract the band size calculate earlier from the bust size or cup size 

Suppose your Bust measurement is 37.3, then the nearest round-off will be 37. 

Now your actual bra size will be= Bust Size/Cup size – Band Size, i.e., 37-32= 05 

This means your actual bra size is 32E.

Note- If the difference between Bust size and Brand size is 1, then your cup size is “A,” but if the difference between both is 2, then your adequate bra size is “B”, and so & so forth. 

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