Dotted Condom Vs. Plain Condom

Dotted Condom Vs. Plain Condom: Let’s Discuss The Most Debated Topic

“The Best Condom Is The One That You Use; There Is No Prescription.”

What can be more overwhelming than shopping for wine? The answer is (drum roll please!) condoms. The condom section in any local drug store can be overwhelming, for it comes in different colors, sizes, and types. It is enough to make one wonder, “where do we even begin?”.

However, if you are more worried about the arousal of pleasure than just the matter of protection, the worry somehow increases, because in that case, the option expands. So what should one do in a case where one cannot comprehend which one to select?

You should educate yourself, of course. Only by being more thorough and gathering comprehensive data regarding the two most popular condoms, plain and dotted ones, can you make a quick choice. So let’s begin.

What Are Plain And Dotted Condoms?

Condom promotes a healthy practice that is directed towards controlling the spread of STDs and unwanted pregnancies. Moreover, if condoms are used correctly, they protect against pregnancy 97% (Yes, now you cannot act like Ross Geller). The concept of using condoms has become very prevalent among users around the globe. Moreover, there are two variations of condoms that have become very popular regardless of place.

#1. Plain Condom

A plain condom is like your friend who is very simple yet very reliable. (Couldn’t have found a better analogy). Plain condoms are sheath-shaped barriers having no form of shape contoured on the body. The exterior of the plain condom is simply straight and lean. They can come in various shapes, types, and colors.

#2. Dotted Condoms 

The dotted condoms are also a sheath-shaped barrier made out of a specific material directed towards barring any probability of pregnancy or sexually transmitted infection. However, the difference lies in the way it is formulated. The dotted condoms, as the name suggests, have a series of dots placed on the exterior to provide extra frictional force. It is done so to evoke a sense of added excitement and enthusiasm during intercourse.

So What Is The Difference Between Plain And Dotted Condoms?

The difference between plain condoms and dotted condoms relies solely on the formulation of the piece’s surface and the sensation it evokes. While the exterior of the dotted condom has a series of circular dots placed on the surface, the plain one is simply flat.

The void of those flecks that are responsible for creating excessive stimulation is not available on plain condoms. Moreover, there is a stark contrast between the effect both the condom creates respectively. While the plain condom provides more skin-to-skin contact, the dotted ones deliver a plethora of different sensations that will excite you to the core.

Types Of Plain And Dotted Condoms

Although there lies a difference of surface between the plain and dotted condoms, both the condoms can be found in the following variations.

  • Latex 

A plain and dotted condom can come in standard latex. Moreover, it is one of the common and popular choices among users that helps the users prevent pregnancy and STDs.

However, if one is allergic to latex, use it and utilize any of the condoms mentioned in this list. Although irritation can occur due to the application of lubricant or excessive dryness nonetheless, if you notice any redness at the point of insertion, you need to rule out any possibility of the allergy.

  • Non-latex 

Like the condom made out of latex, dotted and plain condoms can also come wielding standard non-latex formula. If you have ruled out any possibilities of latex allergies, we recommend using a non-latex option as an alternative. However, many physicians have claimed that they are comparatively less effective than their latex counterparts.

The effectiveness of the non-latex condom is 95%. So what are these alternatives formulated out of? They are made out of using common materials such as polyurethane. However, depending on the brand, it may even include polyisoprene, nitrile, or lambskin.

  • Ultra-thin 

Who wouldn’t want to sense the feel of close-to-close touch? If that is what you are craving, then choose the ultra-thin latest condoms. For the added spice, you can even go with the option of ultra-thin latex dotted condoms (we know, we know, too many nouns and adjectives, but trust us, it is worth it). 

  • Flavored

Yes, we all like it raw, but wouldn’t you like a flavored condom for the extra bit of jazz while doing oral? Although it is a matter of preference that varies from one couple to another, the flavor infused in the latex condom does not compromise effectiveness and stimulation. In fact, flavored condoms are mostly preferred among young couples who introduce themselves to the concept of intercourse.

Now That We Have Understood The Variations Of Dotted And Plain Condoms That Are Found On The Shelves, Let’s Move To Discuss The Way To Choose The Condom That Will Suit You The Most…

All the discussion has boiled down to the one question we started with: “which condom to buy?”. If you are not sure whether you should buy the dotted condom or the plain one, all you have to do is indulge in asking questions. The series of questions mentioned in this section must be communicated with your partner to reach a conclusive decision.

  • Do We Want Extra Stimulation Or Not?

If it is your first time having sex, you need to consider this question and ask your partner first.

  • Do We Want To Play It Safe Or Get A Little Frisky? 

From time to time, it is good to play around and have fun. If you have chosen to be more frisky, you know what you need to choose. 

  • Do We Need To Add Extra Friction In The Procedure, Or The Way It Is Now Is Alright? 

For the added friction (read pleasure), you need to get the dotted one.

  • Do We Want More Skin-to-skin Contact? 

Some couples do not like the feeling that condoms produce. In that case, choosing a plain condom will help you out. 

Ending Note

If three out of these four questions are answered favoring dotted condoms, then you should go with that. No matter what you choose, the primary goal of both condoms is to make intercourse safe. So as long as you include a condom, it will be fine. 

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