how to do sex

How To Do Sex

how to do sex

No one can teach you to have sex because it is an art that comes to everyone. Just you have to learn some of its poses properly so that you can make your girlfriend/wife feel the orgasm.

When we talk about satisfaction in sexual intercourse, the whole matter is connected with the girl. Many studies have shown that about 70% girls are deprived of orgasm. So if you want to make your sex life happy & spicy, then you must take care of the satisfaction of your girl. 

In this blog, we are going to tell you about some such sexual postures that will help you to make your girlfriend/wife feel the orgasm. And if you succeed in doing this, then she will demand ONCE MORE, ONCE MORE.

If you are going to have sex for the first time and you do not know how to do sex or how to satisfy your partner, then this blog is going to be very beneficial for you. This stated sexual posture will not only help you in the problem of “How To Do Sex” but will also help you in making your sex life fun.

If you want to make your sex life fun, then this blog is going to be very fun for you because here we are going to talk about some fun and unique sexual postures. Read this blog carefully and if you like it Please share your experience with us.

Sex is a seductive feeling that acts as a bond for you and your partner. This is something that we need, and winning it makes a man as much as a woman does. In the above sentences, we have highlighted that when it comes to satisfaction in sex, the whole matter is connected to the woman’s pleasure. And a woman can be satisfied only when you have a good understanding of each other. Therefore, for sexual satisfaction, both partners should work on understanding each other. Both of them should know what they want.

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Both of you need to know what your partner’s point of excitement aka G-Spot is. If girls are talking, then the stimulation point of many girls in the neck or ear. If your Begum also has a stimulus point around her neck, then you have to shower an anecdote on your Begum’s neck with your lips and also make a loving touch with your tongue there.

Some girls like deep and passionate sex while some want rough, hard, and donation sex. If your partner wants deep and passionate sex, then you should start with a lot of love. With the comfort of your dreams, make her sit on your lap with love, remembering that both of her legs are stretched out from the side of your body. By doing this, your penis will easily touch your begum’s thighs, and she will feel a beautiful touch that will take your girl into the world of dreams.

Make her sit on your lap and gently put one hand in her hairs from behind it so that the bottom of the skin of her neck is fully exposed to you. Now shower kisses on her neck with your lips. And at the same time, lick her neck skin with your tongue. Remember that your rough tongue will give your girl a seductive feeling, which will take your captive into the swamp of love. Also, your second hand should be in the waist of your begum so that you can hold her tightly. The touch of your lips and tongue on the neck, the prick of your penis around her vagina/thighs, and your strong grip on her waist will give your captive a beautiful feeling. Love bites make this feeling even more melodic.

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Remember that your compulsion on her waist will be as good as your control. Now gently release her hair from your grip and let your hands freely move on her back. Your antics will make your captive’s lips ruddy, and to quench the thirst of her ruddy lips, she will lift your face slightly with both her hands and try to quench the thirst of her lips with your lips, which will make you feel extreme pleasure.

Now let her do her own arbitrary for some time and control this game of love. When she is quenching the thirst of her Ruddy lips, then you can allow your both hand to move on her whole body, remember that doing this will make your madam very excited and she will start moaning, which will make this experience tempting and will increase pleasure up to the next level.  Now slowly begin to squeeze her soft boobs; by doing this, the sycophants of her lips will continue to grow, and she will drown in the depths of love.

Squirting Boobs will give your Begum a different feeling, and she will free your lips and face from the captivity of her lips and hands and move her neck freely back so that your hands can easily do their movements. Your partner will have a lovely and sweet feeling, which will make her feel extreme pleasure.

The work of your lips and hands is to increase this feeling further. Slowly mashed both boobs of your begum with your hands while simultaneously kissing, sucking, and licking it with your lips and tongue. But remember that the grip of your hand does not turn the experience of pleasure into pain, so put as much emphasis on it as in the experience of happiness. While kissing and sucking her boobs, don’t forget to bite her nipples gently as this will increase her joy up to the infinite level, and it will also increase the intensity of her moaning.

Now slowly reduce your hands and lips movement and then move both your hands from your Begum’s side to her shoulders and pull her further, then let her do their own arbitrary and surrender yourself to her.

This will help to control her breath. Now lift your Begum and go to the wall and tell her to come down from your lap, then tell her to stick with the wall, remember that her waist and back are touched to the wall and her face is near your face.

Now Increase the gap between her two legs and then put your one feet knee between their legs in such a way that her weight is fully on her toes. Now hold her neck with your hand and enter her vagina with the ring and middle finger of the other hand and make a “coming up” motion. And then slowly rub her clitoris with your thumb. Remember you need to rub her clitoris in “circular motion”.

When you are entering her vagina with the fingers of your hands, the “Ahhhhh” sound will come out of her lips and she will hold your hands with her hands and try to control your hand movement.

To make it more excited and pleasurable, release her neck and hold both her hands slightly above her head and tighten it so that you can increase the movement of your other hand more. At the same time, you kept kissing his lips, cheeks, and neck so that she would experience all kinds of pleasure.

As the movement of your hands will grow, in the same way, she will start moaning and it will continue to grow. And among the growing moaning, you will hear “Please…..please…..please… ohhhhhhhh, ahhhhhhhh” which will indicate her satisfaction.

The “coming up” motion inside the vagina and clitoris rubbing in “circular motion”, will act as dual stimuli and will also stimulate her G-spot, which will make her feel orgasm.

Now stop the movement of your hands and release the hands of your begum with the hold of your other hand and wait for a while and give her time to cherish her breath. Meanwhile, you can kiss her lips and cheeks, as well as you can talk a little bit so that your penis get relaxed and you can last longer.

Now give the command of this love game in the hands of your begum and leave yourself in her hands. To do this, you should stand against the wall in such a way that your waist and back are touching the wall, and your face is in your begum In front of the face so that she can easily kiss your lips and cheeks with his lips or bite with teeth. By the way, most girls like to bite harder their boyfriend/husband’s lips with their teeth. By doing this, girls get extreme pleasure.

In this game of love, to make your sweetheart more ferocious and wild, you can tease her private parts so that she will start kissing and biting your body in a way that will give you an experience of extreme pleasure.

You can also rub her buttocks with love with your hands, or you can slap on her hips with your hands to get her excited. This will give a different flavor that will excite your girlfriend/wife to execute her naughty antics more vigorously.

At the same time, you can enter inside with the fingers of your hands, which will break the bond of sexual feelings in her to become wilder. Your wife/girlfriend will try to kiss you with go to your thighs by kissing and biting your chest and stomach; if you want to increase her passion, then hold them up with hair so that her face is near your face. And now you kiss her lips, cheeks, and neck and then let her do their action.

Now let her reach their destination without any more pomp and do their arbitrariness while she is kissing around your thighs, then you can help her by holding her hair with love. When she is loving your penis, you have to remember that the difference between your two legs is correct so that your penis is right around your wife/girlfriend’s mouth so that she can do her naughty movements.

By doing this, she can easily kiss, suck, or lick your penis. When she is lovingly playing with your penis, you can excite her by whispering. Here you have to keep in mind that by letting her do her movements at her own pace, you will get extreme happiness.

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But if you want more, you can control this game yourself. You can do this in two ways. Firstly, with the help of your one hand, hold your penis so that your wife/girlfriend can easily take your penis inside her mouth and do her action, and now you can hold her hair with your other hand to control her movement speed.

You can also do this beautiful game in another way. In this, you tell your Begum to hold your penis and perform her act and now hold her hair with both of your hands and control her movement so that you can reach your extreme pleasure and can make it even more melodious. By both of these ways, you can also penetrate her throat deeply.

But to experience this pleasure of sex, you should take some care and use a condom. To make this pleasure of sexual intercourse, different flavored condoms are available in the market, which not only makes you feel fun but also protects you from some diseases.

As soon as she stops doing her arbitrariness, you bring her above with love and kiss her lips very fondly and then hold her in your arms and get settled your breath normal. The grip of your arms should be strong; by doing this, your Begum will experience a lovely pleasure which will give her orgasm.

Now slowly loosen the grip of your arms and take your hands near her buttocks and love her hips. You try to make love by crushing her hips, beating them gently with your palm, because by doing this, she will feel a different pleasure, which will make her even more excited.

At the same time, you kiss and lick lovingly on her neck, face, and ears. You can also bite her gently with your teeth on her neck, shoulder and lips. Such antics will make your girlfriend/wife very much excited, which will make this game of love even more beautiful and pleasurable.

If you are interested in anal sex, then while loving her butt, you can tease her anal hole with your finger in the middle and which can be pleasant for her. Now ask your girlfriend/wife to stand against the wall, and you sit on your knees so that your face is equal to the thighs of your girlfriend/wife. Now, start kissing on her thighs and start moving your final destination through kissing the entire pelvic area after reaching your destination place, you made your begum feel pleasure with tongue and lips.

But before kissing, sucking, and licking your wife’s vagina, blow it and tease it with love. This will break the bond of sex in her, and she will become made to get a loveable touch of your lips and tongue on her vagina. You can start sucking and licking the upper part of her vagina, and simultaneously you can also enter inside her vagina with the finger of your hands. As the speed of your hand’s increases, the moaning sound of your Begum’s will get increased. And the increased sound of her moaning indicates her satisfaction. You kept doing this action till your begum attains her peak.

Now it turns to love her hip, and if you and your girlfriend/wife are crazy about anal sex, then it becomes more essential for you. For this, you remain on your knees and ask your begum to stand with the help of the wall so that her hips are in front of your face.

Now you kiss her buttocks with love, spank her buttocks with love with your palms and then bite them with the help of your teeth, as well as Lick and kiss around her anal hole with the use of your tongue and lips. 

To make this game even more pleasurable, you have to press her waist with the help of your hand’s elbow, and with the use of your palm press her upper body part, by doing this her buttocks will be entirely in front of your face, and you can easily do your movements.

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