Our Parenthood Journey With Subhag V Conceive Home Insemination Kit

I am 42 years old and we were planning for the 2nd child, but normal intercourse was not working for us, so we got our test done. Unfortunately, the doctor finds out that my sperm quality is slightly low in the test.

The doctor advised me a few medicines, but it didn’t work then; the doctor suggested we get the insemination done as the motility of sperm was low.

The motility of the sperm is referred to as the speed by which the sperm cell moves towards the female egg to fertilize it. So now you must be thinking about what insemination is?

Insemination is a process in which a sperm cell is injected inside the female vagina artificial with the help of the syringe. In the insemination process, sperm is injected slightly near the uterus so the sperm cell can travel easily to the uterus so even sperm having low motility can easily fertilize the egg cell and result in pregnancy.

So in my case, with the help of the insemination kit, the chances of conceiving were high. This is why the doctor said yes to using a home insemination kit. I checked a few e-commerce websites and found that Subhag V conceive home insemination kit had a good review, so I ordered Subhag V conceive home insemination kit.


This home insemination kit is easy to use. The best part about Subhag V conceives home insemination kit is that it does not require any medical experience. Along with this, it gives painless insertion and removal. These features of the Subhag V conceive home insemination kit is best. If you are also planning for the baby not conceiving naturally, you must look for the home insemination kit, but remember, don’t forget to consult your doctor.

However, using a home insemination kit is not harmful, but it doesn’t work in some cases, like if a female cannot conceive or if you inseminated during the non-fertile phase of the menstrual cycle. So before you order a home insemination kit, consult your doctor and consider their advice for the best result.

The use of a home insemination kit has helped us have a baby at an affordable cost and with full privacy. Yes, the insemination process is very easy, and you can do it anytime you want, even in your bedroom.

You know this home insemination kit is the best for people like us who have issues with natural ways.

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I have done several types of research, so now I am capable of telling you the condition when you can use the home insemination kit, and these conditions are

  1. If the male partner is not able to perform sexual activities may be due to physical injury 
  2. If the sperm motility rate is low
  3. This kit is also used for the LGBT couples
  4. Useful the single lady who wants a baby

There are various other conditions in which you can use a home insemination kit. But I again suggest you, before using a home insemination kit, ask your doctor and then order the Subhag V conceive home insemination kit and enjoy parenthood. 

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