Amp Up Your Game In The Bed

Shying Away From Pillow Talks? Read In Between The Lines To Amp Up Your Game In The Bed

The cultural effect of porn on men’s minds has created a bit of a problematic situation in the bed. Do you know why? It is mainly because the portrayal of intercourse with the help of porn has become a de facto of sex education in the field of sexual intercourse. 

While men are being ignorant of women’s pleasure and lack the desire to understand what their lovers want, many women are taking the other route with their beloved toys. The patriarchal society makes them unaware of women’s wants and desires as many tend to forget the fact that the act of sexual consummation is the two-way street. 

Most of the time, women are afraid to confront their partner for not feeling the same sensation as they do in fear of hurting their feelings. Though they might be cowering away from having a conversation about their ultimate carnal cravings, it is time for you to pick up the mantle and to lead the way. 

Signs To Understand If Your Partner Wants You To ‘do That’ And ‘do This

The concept of adhering to the fact that many need to be open about their desires is missing in any relationship. Due to fear, or shame, or the fear of hurting your partner’s sentiments, many tend to avoid, or rather accept the mediocrity in bed. 

Though women do not talk about their lack of orgasmic feelings in sex life with their partners, it doesn’t mean that the need to engage in a cosmic affair would lead to orgasm is not there. There may be many reasons why one avoids the conversation on filling the gap, but if one wants, one can easily discern the facts. 

To understand the time when your partner wants you to take up the hints they give slyly, you have to comprehend their body language.  The following are mentioned a few signs that indicate when your partner wants something extra. 

  • Lack Of Response

Lack of response is one of the most crucial give offs that indicates that your partner wants more from you in bed. When you see your partner being ignorant about the particular topic in fear of being hurtful, it means that something is bothering him or her. 

Lack of response when it comes to sex is a sign that tells that you need to read the atmosphere in the room and approach the conversation in that way. The best way to counteract this particular effect is by incorporating the method of reassurance. 

If your partner doesn’t respond to this, then you should sit down and have a serious conversation about what the ‘issue’ is. Only by facing the issue head-on can you overcome this. 

  • Lack Of Initiation

If you see your partner straying away from sexual engagement with you, then it means something is going on. Though the issue might be springing off from many sources, being somewhat mediocre and not responding to one’s desire might be one of those reasons. 

If you see your partner is ignoring having sex with you or is uncomfortable with the engagement initiation, you should have a conversation with your partner. The only way to counteract this issue is by engaging in effective communication about the gap. 

  • Too Much Expression

Yes, too much of everything is not good. When did having too much was good? It’s a sign that rather leans on the negative side. Is your partner moaning way too much? Is she screaming so bad that it almost comes off as ‘fake’? 

If you see signs like this, then it means that your partner may not be sensing the sensations that she should be feeling from the sexual engagement. It creates a sense of the gap that becomes rather hard to fill. 

One fakes such sensations to cover up the lack of initiation as well as in fear of hurting the person. In order to not go through this painful ordeal, the partner tends to overreact. If this is the case, you should ask your partner what they want as one of the countermeasures steps. 

What Important Things That Women Definitely Want In Bed But Are Too Shy To Ask?

The signs mentioned above are a form of indication that demonstrates that your partner wants something new in the bed. The incorporation of exciting feats may be tough, but we all know the importance of it. Don’t we? 

The culture that was ushered by porn videos has given a sense of the wrong idea when it comes to the fulfillment of the desires. Some like to converse about the gaps, while some want you to fill the gap by reading in between the lines. 

But we all know how clueless men are, and that is why we have accumulated certain things that women at least once in their lifetimes want to indulge in but are too afraid or shy to ask. 

  • Touch Her More

Trust us when we tell you this; your woman wants you to touch her more. The more you touch, the better orgasm she will experience. How do we know this? 

A study revealed that women don’t feel that their partners are initiating sexual engagement in the right way most of the time. Lack of engagement causes them to sense unhappiness and uneasiness. So what do they want? 

Well, most of the men have been trying to find the right answer to ‘what do they want?’ But it’s really simple. They want you to touch her more on bee erogenous places. Combined with kisses and playful touches, you can heighten the sensation and amp up the game in bed. 

  • Kiss Her More Passionately And Intimately

Do you think french-kissing her is enough to get her going? You are wrong. Yes, when one thinks of indulging in sexual activities, a kiss is the right way to initiate. However, french-kissing her is not enough. 

Sometimes the situation asks for slow and intimate kisses without the indulgence of the tongue. Kissing her slowly and softly while moving your hand all over her body is something she needs. 

As it is very insignificant, many women tend to ignore this. But we all know the importance of all the small things in our life, right? That is why you should kiss her passionately as an initiation process. Nibble her kids and hold her closely to get her all riled up. 

  • Take That Chocolate And The Bouquet, Man

Sometimes it’s not the sex they want but the thing that sets the mood. Is nothing more attractive than a man showering her partner with care and attention? Occasionally bringing chocolates and bouquets is a sign that indicates ‘yes love, I hear you, and I want you more.’ 

The more she feels drawn to you, the more the process of sex will be passionate and engaging. Trust us; it is feelings that draw passion in a woman. In order to make it more worthwhile and intriguing, bring her chocolates and bouquets. 

  • Put That Hand Into Work

Yes, yes, yes. Put that hand into work. Many women have claimed that they cannot orgasm only with the help of penetration alone. In order to initiate the process, you will have to incorporate your multitasking ability. 

Instead of just focusing on penetrating her, you will need to use some other tricks to incite her. Most of the time, rubbing their clit and kissing their neck can do the trick, but it depends on person to person. 

In order to make sure that you are doing what your woman wants, ask. Most women want their men to do many other things other than just penetrate and pant. Use your hand and lips wisely to lose her mind. 

  • What Does That Tongue Do? 

Bring out the nine-year-old in you and lick her like she is a piece of the oreo cookie. Women love it when their men go down on them. Oral sex is something that needs reciprocation to match the same frequency of intensity. 

Most of the time, women go down on their men in the hope of reciprocation. While many are very much vocal about this little fact, some feel shy to ask their man to go down on them. So you should take the initiation and go down on them. 

If it is your first time, then ask them before engaging in the act. Nothing is more attractive than asking for permission. If she says yes, then go easy on her and simultaneously increase the intensity of the process. 

  • Draw Out The Kinks

If your woman tells you that she doesn’t have any kink, then she is lying. Because there is no woman out there who doesn’t have even an ounce of kink in her, be it cosplay or LARPING, be it a playful spank of full mode domination, everyone wants an outlet. 

So slap her butt, bite her neck, indulge in her kinks to make the sex more steamy and engaging. It will not only make the whole process more exciting and adventurous but will draw you closer to her. 

  • Go Home Or Go Big

Do you know what makes the process of sex more enthralling and prolonging? Toys. Yes. The incorporation of sex toys may seem like too much, but it is exactly at this time when you need to either take charge or go home. 

Women cannot tell you to perform for a little longer. It is physically as well as mentally straining. It can create an atmosphere of gloom in the room. But if you can sense that your girl is being disengaged in the process, then it means that you need to incorporate more exhilarating procedures. 

Toys are some of the most crucial elements that you can incorporate to make the process more prolonging so that she can orgasm. Women tend to feel orgasm a little later than men. 

That is why you need to keep her hooked to the feelings. Try that cuff; use vibrators to incite sensation. Do whatever that is safe and secure yet effective to the core. 

How To Fill The Gap?

Not all couples are sexually compatible. Sexual compatibility is a term that denotes when a couple is sexually agreeable to each other’s sexual needs, kinks, preferences, and moods without any issues. However, to achieve that, one would need to fill the gap that lay between them. 

Filling the gap is not easy; however, through effective communication and engagement processes, one can fill the gaps. It is very important for couples to the universe where they lack to reach the path of orgasmic sensation tighter. 

  • Talk, talk, and talk some more. Establish a conversation where both of you can discuss what one lacks and what one needs to fulfill in bed is important to keep the relationship going. 
  • Taking the initiation is important too. If your partner is too hesitant to take responsibility, then you can take the mantle to do it. 

However, asking for permission to execute such steps is important too. Knowing what makes them tick or what frustrated them will help you understand their needs and desires. 

  • Execution of the steps by maintaining certain rules is important too. Ask them what is a huge turn down for them and what turns them on. 

Execute the methods to make the process a perfect recreation. In this way, you will get a little closer to closing the gap. 

The Importance Of Communication

It is important to communicate about the needs and desires to keep peace of mind. One can erase the gap that lay between the couples by having a meaningful conversation. 

Engaging in their sexual issues and what could make them tick is something that can create a huge difference in one’s relationship. By communicating about lustful desires, you will be able to accomplish the mentioned feats. 

  • An establishment of a satisfying relationship. 
  • Happy sex life.
  • Establishment of a peaceful mind and psyche.
  • A thriving relationship with your partner.
  • Sexual compatibility.


Only by establishing a healthy atmosphere where both of you are confronting and adhering to each other’s needs. It will sustain a healthy and fulfilling relationship filled with arduous feelings. Hopefully, now that you know what, your girl wants to read the room and get to the task. 

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