Vagina: Shape, Size, Color, And Types Of Vagina

When it comes to sexual and reproductive health, most people wonder, “Am I normal?” Most of the time, these kinds of the dilemma are seen in males, about their penis size and health, but women are also concerned about their sexual organ (Vagina) health.

What Is Vagina?

The vagina is an elastic and muscular canal with soft and flexible lining, which provides lubrication and sensation. It connects the uterus to the outer world. Vagina also plays a vital role during the period and delivery of the new babies because of the menstrual blood and babies exit through the vagina.

The vagina is also used for the insertion, such as with the penis, sex toys, female condoms, fingers, tampons, or menstrual cups. During the penis-vaginal sex, the ejaculation takes place in the vagina only.

Anatomy Of Vagina

A vagina consists of

1. Vaginal opening

The vaginal opening, also known as vaginal vestibule or introitus, is the opening into the vagina. It is mainly located between the uterus and anus

2. Vaginal wall

The wall of the vagina is made of different types of tissue. The surface layer of the vaginal wall is made up of muscular covered in a mucus membrane, similar to the tissue in your mouth. The inner part of the vaginal wall is made up of the layer of soft tissue, collagen, and elastic fibers which allow the vagina both structure and ability to stretch

3. Hymen

The hymen is a thin layer that surrounds the opening of the vagina. Hyman is of various types based on their shape and size. Most of the time the hymen layer is like half-moon-shaped

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Vagina Opening Description

External female genitalia with the labia separated exposing the vaginal opening, or vestibule of the vagina.

1. Clitoral hood

The clitoral hood is a small flap of the skin where the inner lips meet. It surrounds and protects the sensitive tips of the clitoris

2. Clitoris

The clitoris is the pleasure center of the vulva. It doesn’t have the main role in reproduction like a penis or vagina. The clitoris is the under the point where the inner labia meet & form a little hood know as the clitoral hood.

3. Left labium Minorum (synonym: labium minus)

4. Urethral opening

5. Vaginal opening

The vaginal opening is the opening into the vagina. It is also known as vaginal vestibule or introits. This opening is where the menstrual blood leaves the female body. A vaginal opening is also used to birth a baby and for sexual intercourse.

6. Perineum

The perineum is an anatomical region in the pelvic. It is present in between thighs and represents the most inferior part of the pelvic outlet. It is separated by the pelvic cavity superiorly by the pelvic floor. This reason contains structures that support the urogenital and gastrointestinal systems. Perineum also plays an important role in functions such as micturition, defecation, sexual intercourse, and childbirth.

7. Anus

The anus is the opening at the end of the digestive tract, where stool leaves the body. It is formed partly from the surface layer of the body and intestine. The rectal lining is consists of glistening red tissue, which contains mucus, just like the other intestinal lining.

The lining of the rectum is nearly insensitive to pain, but nerves form the nearby external skin are highly sensitive to pain. The anus is closed by a muscular ring called the anal sphincter. This muscular ring is controlled subconsciously by the autonomic nervous system, although the sphincter can be relaxed or tighten on will.

Different Types Of Vagina

There are various types of vagina shapes, sizes, and colors. Here I have listed 8 different types of vagina

1. Uneven Lips or Asymmetrical

The vaginal lips are of various kinds. One lip is tightly tucked toward the vagina, whereas the other lips hang down a little.


2. Covered Outer lips

This type of vagina has covered lips, and it looks like a flower. Women with tight outer lips vagina may feel conscious that their vagina seems too broad.


3. Prominent inner lips

The inner lips of the vagina stick out a little more than the outer lips. In some women, it can cause discomfort.


4. Prominent outer lips

Women with famous outer lips vagina may feel slightly loose outer lips. It keeps the inner side of the vagina hidden, just like a pocket.


5. Long outer lips

In some women, the outer lips can be longer and may brush toward the legs. It is a healthy health vagina, so do not worry about the extra length.


6. Small open lips

It is the least common type of vagina. In these types of vagina, the lips are small and petite. The small open lips are mostly seen in adult entertainment.

Small open lips

7. Small closed lips

Most women have tiny vaginal tips that conceal the complete vagina.

Small closed lips

8. Visible or enlarged inner lips

Most of the women have enlarged inner vaginal lips. Sometimes it may lead to physical discomfort because of the sensitive vaginal skin are exposed.

enlarged inner lips

Size Of Vagina

Vagina can change its size or length to accommodate the penis, finger, or tampon. The change in the length of the vagina done by stretching and elongation. This moves the uterus and cervix upward.

Yes, the length of the vagina varies, but the average size of a vagina is under 4 inches when the women are not aroused. Although the size or length of the vagina various from women to women, from 2.5 inches to 5 inches or more.

Color Of The Vagina

The skin color varies naturally, including the color of the vagina. According to many doctors, the color of the vagina may be:

  • Pink
  • Red
  • Wine
  • Burgundy

The color of the vagina also depends upon the blood flow. During the arousal, the blood flow increase due to which the vagina become purple.

The color of the vagina also varies due to several medical conditions. In the case of yeast infection, the vagina appears purple or red.

How To Clean Vagina?

You may get confused by the vaginal hygiene products. But vagina cleaning a straightforward process which doesn’t require fancy shops and liquids.

Vaginal health is important in order to maintain the overall health of women. Vaginal health may get affected by a variable factor such as medicine, diet, clothing, exercise, and even elevated stress. Below we have listed some tips of healthy vagina:

  • While bathing, wash your vagina with warm water and mild or unscented soap. But ensure that the water is not to warm and don’t forget to rinse off all the soap.
  • Separate the labia and allow the warm soapy water to clean all around the clitoral hood and between your labia. This will help you to wash or rinse off any secretions that stuck in between the skin folds.
  • Now rinse properly and pat dry your vagina with a soft and dry towel.
  • During the period, change your tampon/pad often. Your vagina cleans itself naturally and maintains the optimum pH level. Thus ignore using any spray until prescribes by your doctor.
  • Use mild soap and warm water to clean all around your vaginal opening. Avoid placing soap into your vagina.

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