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How TO Eat A Girl Out- Step By Step Guide To Please A Women

Willing to master in eating your girl out?

Well, here in the article, we will be discussing how to eat a girl out. So don’t skip and eat your girl out.

Usually, girls don’t achieve organism, but oral sex can help get organism quickly, so learn how to eat a girl out and enjoy your love life.

We always come with a new article to make your sex life happy and today we came with something different and that is how to eat a girl out? Vagina licking, licking out, pussy licking, or oral sex, you can call it anything. And today’s article will help master you in pussy licking.

Licking your girl’s vagina can be pleasurable for her which can make your quality time memorable. Here is this article we’ll be discussing how to eat a girl out in 10 simple steps. So read the article till the end and learn how to eat your girl out like a pro.

Yes, this article will help you in mastering licking your girl vagina. So don’t skip reading how to eat a girl out and eat your girl out like a pro and let her moan louder than ever.

Taste Her Juicy Vagina| Learn How To Eat A Girl Out

If you’re wounding to eat her really and really well then this step-by-step guide can be helpful. Here we have mentioned the Kivin method which claims to make someone come within 3 minutes, and it also helps you to master using both mouth and hand at the same time.

Guys, I’m the one who likes my girls moaning, it is like my favorite song and if you too like you women moaning on the bed, believe me, these steps will make her mad and she will scream and scream harder than anything.

So, do you want to play your favorite song tonight? Yes, so let’s get started

#1. Step 1- Start Talking Romantic

Romantic talk is like fuel which triggers her hormones to fly higher and higher in the sky. While talking smartly, touch her too with love and affection. Remember women are slow starters but romantic talk and lovely touch can make it easier for you.

When she gets involved in the lovemaking game stop talking and start teasing and playing with her different body parts, and now involve your lips in the play and start kissing her neck, shoulder, and squeezes her chest gently or strongly.

#2. Step 2- Take Your Mouth Down There

Make your way down to the juice border. You may guide your path with several small kisses and few love bites from her lips to somewhere down between her legs. You’re now at your destination, vagina. Shhhhh don’t be in a hurry instead be calm and tease her and kiss her thigh and pelvic reason.

Feel her creepy or hot pussy and don’t forget to make eye contact, this can be an intense move. Before you pucker up go up and kiss her lips, neck and whisper “I love you” in her ear and ask her “Have you enjoyed it? Now go down, get ready to pucker up.

#3. Step 3- Find The Right Button- The Clitoris

Her Clit is your real friend, find it and show you love it. The more you love the “Clit” the more pleasurable the moment will be. If you don’t know what a clit is, it is a bean on the top of the vertical roasted chicken sandwich.  

Clit is the most sensitive part of her body and it has more nerve endings than the penis thus it can be the source of orgasm for most women. So it is not just a bean but it is a magical bean which will scream at her with joy and pleasure. 

Remember! In oral both your hand and mouth should work together and simultaneously. So start playing with the Clitoris either by hand or mouth and manage the speed according to her pleasure. Some girls like slow and passionate shows but few like getting trampled. It is tough to recognize so either ask her or start your show with slow motion and gradually increase the intensity. Once you reach her clitoris don’t be in a hurry just tease her some more. 

#4. Step 4- Use Your Tongue To Lick Around

Breathe your warm air around her pelvic kiss all around the Clit. Once you teased her enough and she is gagging for it, use your tongue to lick the bean of the vertical roasted chicken sandwich. Up and down, move your tongue all around the clitoris but remain focused on it and put the right pressure on your tongue. 

Slow or fast, pointy tip or broad flat tongue, try a few variations and experience your partner’s pleasure but continue till the noise pointed yes.  You can also try Kivin methods. This method claims that around 60% of women achieve orgasm within 3 minutes.  These methods say while licking Clit, instead of going up & down, go side by side.

#5. Step 5- Ask If She Likes It

As we discussed, things may change from person to person. So ask her if she likes it or not. If not, then set your intensity and motion according to the receiver’s needs. You can ask her to rate your act on a scale of 10 to make things better. Communication is key and also make sure to make eye contact whenever possible.

#6. Step 6- Involve More & Tease Other Parts 

Like some boys like to have their ball played during the blowjob, you should stimulate other parts of vagina while you are eating your girl like a cat dog drinks water. 

To please your girl like a pro, put your hand on work and run your finger on her thighs, grab her butt, slide your hand to reach her boobs and massage these twins because they need your love too. 

However, there are plenty of ways to please her while eating but it all depends on your partner and what she likes and desires for. You can also try inserting your, one… two, and three fingers depending upon her. But doing so asks if she feels OKAY. 

Initially move your finger in and out slowly with pointing your finger towards her stomach to hit G-spot. Later you can go harder and faster but Guys remember taking your partner’s consent is necessary as it may hurt her badly so always be gentle and ask if she feels Okay. 

While pleasing her, never ever forget your best friend “CLITORIS”. As this will help you to achieve your goal. So keep showing your love to it frequently, with your lips, tongue, and even with your fingers. 

#7. Step 7- Try Switch It Up

Most people make mistakes and repeat the same process. Guys doing this will not help you so keep switching until she enjoys and moans. The big mistake a boy does is, he keeps playing with the magic bean (CLITORIS), don’t over tease it as doing so will let you go anywhere. So only throw your light kisses and love to it. 

#8. Pro Tips To Eat Her Out

In the above section we have discussed the Kivin method in brief. Do you know what is it? Chill, it is one of the best techniques for oral pleasure and experts claim that this method helps a woman to achieve her orgasm within 3 minutes. 

I know it sounds weird but this is what experts say, so try using it. Nothing more but I can guarantee you that trying this will be fun. So want to know how Kivin methods work? This starts with your position, it says instead of positioning yourself in between her legs, get besides them. Now raise her Clitoris and steady it by putting your index finger and thumb either side of it. Then use your tongue and instead of going up and down go side to side across her clitoris and maintain speed according to your partner’s desire.

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