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Oral Sex Tips- For Women

Traditional intercourse is good to practice, but branching out can take it to another tangent. The trend of oral sex is increasing among youth, and who so ever receives it feels heavenly. It’s not hard to guess why. right?

“I Wish I Could Moan Louder Against His Every Jerk But His Dancing Finger Across My Lips Hasn’t Allowed Me.”

To make a lovable oral game, it should be 360° for both giving and receiving. Oral sex is crafty, fortress-like, and highly rewarded. Here are some tips to make sure both players receive meed.

#1. Angles/position

An end to workweek can be calculated by orgasm- incomparable- oral sex; it is only possible by selecting angles/position.

  • 69 – Through Customary But Delightful

Get comfy, keep rolling, why Use*just* mouth, get your hands to work -hold, rub, squeeze, stroke.

  • Sitting down 

Perch will your partner play on either side of the clit, it can be bonused with gently licking, sucking, and moaning plugin with soft music & dimly lit room.

  • Cliff hanger

Use the edge of the bed while lying back with legs open. Let your partner’s head be angle down towards the virgin caving into the clitoris. This also gives them free access to play with nipples, ear lobes, lips. Embellish your space with aromatic flowers like rose

#2. Communication

For seizing double pleasure, make communication a key. It makes you feel closer; it increases comfort and intimacy. Mumbling in ears, mixing it with breath can step up one’s game

#3. Go Easy- Take Your Time Boy’s

Don’t rush; as women warm up slowly, scrambling can make the game worse, don’t do. To make the game pleasurable and to hit the road, play soft music, hold wine glasses, and dance together. Cuddle up and watch movies or cook together and offer love bites or foreplay; nape of neck and earlobes are erogenous zones. Use mud or soil as catalysts while planting or pottery

#4. Steamy Zones

A lengthwise biology lecture will be required in making you more aware of how to arouse women. Nerve endings are spread all over the human body, some have more, or some have less, some parts more sensitive than others. A great way to explore them is to observe your partner’s reaction to your touch each time. You can explore with these zones, Mons pubis, Lips, Scalp, Neck, Inner Thighs, Abdomen, Clitoris, Breast, G-spot, Dorsum of the wrist, Buttock, Back on Knees

#5. Equipment

Since regular is boring, one can have a trial with vibrators or nipple vibrators for charging estrogen and progesterone. For making the atmosphere best, try blindfold and handcuffs, try ropes, giving a chance to BDSM can be fun too.

Sexual consent is important for great loving; make sure your partner is comfortable and willing. Unprotected oral sex is common but has risk; several Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs), including herpes, HIV, viral hepatitis, can be passed through oral sex, avoid it if your partner has STIs, sores, cuts, ulcers, blisters or rashes around their genitals, anus or mouth.

Oral sex can be beneficial in its way; trying things out of the box are always adventurous. In addition, it helps in better sleep, anti-ageing, pain relief, and alternate options for women who experience pain during regular intercourse.

Oral sex can be pleasurable in its way; trying things out of the box are always adventurous. It helps in better sleep, anti-aging, pain relief, and alternate options for women who experience pain during regular intercourse.

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