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Sex Position

Snake Position- Taste Your Partner Tonight

“She is feeling the heat waves on her epidermis… That skin fraction is forcing her to breathe heavy”

Dogs, Apes, flies, humans- we all do it!! So 95% of multicellular creatures-big beings play copulation.

But ‘ why do living creatures have sex’? 

Apart from reproduction, the existing souls make love because of emotional reasons, pleasure, sexual curiosity, busting stress, attraction, boosting mood, showing love, and so forth.

Traditional sometimes become boring, when it comes to achieving above goals, it becomes ineluctable to be creative between the sheets. 

How To Be Creative While Copulating?

When you are in bed with your partner, the last thing one wants to do is “turning your partner off.” However, regular intercourse, engaging lifestyle, stress can make either or both companions dissatisfied.

Sexual needs and taste differ. It shouldn’t be felt more like a chore than a fun affair. To keep the spark alive… one must keep experimenting in the bedroom; for many couples, the end of the honeymoon period cues the end of exciting sex. But, anyone can find a way to deal with this issue by 

  • Communicate
  • Seek medical help
  • Explore different positions in the bedroom.

One Of The Best Position That One Can Try Is Snake

Ugh… one can complement it as Knott’s version of 69 position. This position can trigger one’s desire for fancy intercourse; besides satisfying one’s thirst for sexual gratification, it can easily prey on ” Estrogen & Progesterone ” as well as “Testosterone.

Well!! In this position, male partner stands tall or against the wall (to avoid fast tiredness and gain maximum pleasure), whereas the female partner can swing upside down from the shoulder.  For more pleasure, twosome can try this in front of a full-length mirror.

Be ready to ramp up the foreplay. While facing that long carrot, be ready for Carpet Munching. Propitiously, the integrity of blowjob is Penis + Mouth are great compounds for Delectation. Make sure one has natural wetness in the mouth, as the head of the penis covers nerves endings. It responds outstandingly in the presence of lubrication.

Girls I would mention “Don’t rush,” after getting comfortable with this position, make sure you go slow and steady, kiss his abdomen and thighs or head of his penis, tease him a little before turning on.  A blowjob is just sucking, to make your man want to lick it passionately, and to convey to him that you are enjoying equally.

Try to moan occasionally, and employ your personal assets- If you are blessed with good height, try using your breast to move his penis to and fro. No man is going to deny this. Treat his ‘ Frenulum ‘ well- the most delicate area of the penis, and your lips and tongue are tools for its stimulation.

After covering penis anatomy, let’s see how to arouse her before you hit the sack. Its again a strict “No No” for rushing while jewel munching, as making a woman excited can take longer than expected. Encourage her and make sure to make her comfortable while you face her crotch because if she is nervous or cramped, she is not going to have a great climax. 

While men are uncomplicated, women still need finesse.  Compliment her like how good she smells or how delicious she tastes. Hire your lips, tongue, and fingers for this task…. you can bite between her inner thighs or tease her skin …run your fingers between her thighs and allow the flow of blood to the clitoris and let her feel pleasurable and wanted, licking vulva and sucking her labia gently can thrust her for more. Go rhythmically; going too quickly will make it unpleasant, and this position will lose its significance.  Besides mouth or hand, one can recruit sex toys too. Once the rhythm is set, slipping down a few fingers or toys can make her feel different—set tempo between squeezing and biting her.

Ahem- If your partner is expressive, it becomes easy-peasy to fulfill her… while tasting her, ask her if she is enjoying it, or what new organism she wants to unlock, be a lady’s manhunt her pleasure points….. because if customary sex painful and spiritless for her, she surely going to participate actively in this heavy petting.  

Ahhh-  Sexual Positions are no science, but they are scientifically important; they add color to regular, dull sex, making one more stressed and vexatious. We all need different tactics for adding shades of intimacy.

“Portraying His Tongue Along her Skin, Spiralling His Body About Her”

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