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69-The Pleasure Hat Lies In 69 And How To Pique It More

Sometimes, going out of your way to try something that has never happened before is very important. Trying an activity with added quirk not only enhances the quotient of fun but turns it into an exemplary embodiment of perfection that can lead you to the realm of passion. 

Indulging in the routine of those same sexual positions will surely help you release the sexual tension that you have been putting up with. Still, to enhance the time’s quality and the sensation sent through the spine, you have to incorporate new moves into the mix. 

No, we don’t mean that you have to indulge in BDSM; what we mean is that you need to upgrade the steps a bit to extract as much fun as possible. In this article, we will share with you the new ways of doing 69 with your partner so that you can make the trip to the passion-city easily.

The Beauty That 69 Is

When it comes to 69, it is one of those non-polarising procedures of receiving pleasure orally that focuses on giving just as much as on receiving. The notion of having sex is piqued with the help of the inclusion of oral sex. 

Though it is just a medium of engagement, mainly a part of foreplay that will lead to rough sex, the importance is emphasised to enhance the sensations that one goes through. 

That is why 69 is the best position, as it increases the likelihood of having fun in bed for the receiver. Still, the likelihood of the giver receiving the equivalent pleasure is expected. 

With that in mind, one thing that has to be minded while engaging in 69 with your partner is that both the partners have restraints when it comes to stimulation of verbal communication. 

Moaning is good, but forgetting to keep your partner hooked from your end is nothing but mean. So keeping the engagement throughout the activity is a key to establishing a pace that will result in ineffectiveness.

Variations Of 69 Positions That You Will Enjoy

Though the position seems to be very easy, trust us when we tell you this, that the complicatedness lies in the partners’ preferences. Both the partners have to be ‘in’ the moment to enjoy it, slowly, steadily, and effectively. Try the variations of 69 to unlock satisfaction you have never felt before.

  • The classic 69 

To make it work, two partners have to align themselves in a way to put the mouth near the other person’s genitals. To do it, one person has to generally lie on their back while the other has to go on top of them while their knees are straddled between their partner’s heads. After that, the process of oral sex will comment. Typically the woman goes on top of their partner.

Tip: We suggest that you utilise a pillow or a sex wedge if you cannot reach out to t genital area of the body.

  • Inverted 69

This particular position is very similar to the classic 69. To do it, you have to follow the same steps written above; however, instead of the woman being on top of her man, she has to lie on her back while the man will be on top of her. 

Why Should You Try It?

Though the variation is not inherent itself, this particular position is rougher in itself as it generates an intense effect on the partners. This position is ideally suited for those women who deepthroat their men. If the man is on top, the thrusting abilities weaken. However, when the woman is on top, she can control her movement. 

  • Sideways 69

To do this particular position, not the participant has to lie sideways, maintaining the standard positioning methods of classic 69 methods. However, the legs have to be parted a bit more on the upward side. 

Why Should You Try It? 

This particular position will help you reach the genital areas of your partner if you are failing to do so. With this position’s help, the taller person can crouch and allow the partner to gain access to the whole genital region easily. Compared to other variations of 69, this is comparatively easy and requires less effort and work.

  • Squatting 69

To do it successfully, you have to ask your partner to squat over your body. In other words, instead of them lying over you, squatting is a must.

Why Should You Try It? 

If you are a person who likes to spank your partner in between the moment of having sex, then this is the thing for you as it allows you to spank your partner freely. However, this process requires lower back, glute, and quad strength and enough flexibility. 

  • The Standing 69 or the Upright 69

You need not lie on the surface; what you need to do is stand on the flat surface holding your partner upside down. 

Why Should You Try It? 

The stimulation of sensation is great compared to the other 69 positions.

  • Penetrative 69

While the process of oral stimulation is going on, use either your finger or toy to stimulate them. The sucking can be done on a clitoris while penetrating her vagina. If the partner is okay with it, one can even penetrate the anus. For men, we recommend you massage the prostate. 

Why Should You Try It? 

The internal stimulation raises the sensation throughout the body, increasing the pressure point by multiple folds.

  • Analingus 69

This kind of foreplay requires the partner to stimulate the anus of the partner intensely. Common among men recipients, the partner sitting at the bottom blows their partner while the other one eats the anus. 

Why Should You Try It? 

For those who are into anal or prostate play, this is a significant variation.  

  • Threesome 69 or The Triangle

Best suited during a threesome, the partners have to lie on forming a triangle on their side to initiate the 69 positions so that each partner’s genitals are in front of the other’s mouth. In this process, you will oral from one while giving oral to the other. 

Why Should You Try It? 

It will increase the pleasure and fun. If you think a threesome is boring, then guess what? You have a new variant.

Summing It Up 

Include all these methods to bring sensation into the party. Why just stick to something that has grown old? Incite excitement through intense and rough lovemaking variation of 69. 

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