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Kitchen Sex- Cooking Something Flavorsome

The kitchen isn’t just a place for grabbing a meal and going; couples can try to cook something sensual too. Between philter, Aphrodisiacs and aroma of food duo can also knock up something with hands and fire.

A recent study in the United Kingdom connived that the kitchen is one of the best substitutes for bedrooms.

“Spicy place to get amorous indoors”.

Isn’t it hot about grabbing your love near dishes, cookware, buzzing refrigerator, hot tandoor, and microwave?

The twosome, who love to explore different tangents while making love, can try the kitchen as one of the alternatives to bathroom, bedroom, or living room.

Well!! Here are some of the ways for Peppery nosh today…

How To Slurp Each Other

Long hectic days or running late for work, these kitchen quickies come to rescue your hormones from getting faded. Besides DINKs, it is like fuel for the desire for family-friendly duos.

Deep Freeze

Your bakehouse is full of amazing gadgets for executing your kinky plans. BDSM lovers, this is going to be icing on the cake for you. Tie her to the refrigerator’s handle,  and recreation with her, have some ice cubes and cold water, rub those wet cubes against her soft erotic areas, i.e., neckline, lips, bare breast (take off your clothes for a better experience), Clitoris, inner thighs, ears, abdomen, mons pubis…etc…

Sprinkle cold water to add flavor to your dish….let’s make it more sensual; just lick those drops from your lips and tongue and see her groan…

If you have the luxury of time and you both are unattended, try this today and make her wet…

You can also take aid from a wooden stick from your bakery for mastering her body, especially the Soft Pulped Ones…

This will make her shiver down to her spine… the best result is you can blindfold her. “With every stroke on my Butt, makes me Moan louder and louder, it rises Celsius”.

Fellatio – Ahhh!!! Research says that most men love this location; your man is fortunate to have you, as you are keen on exploring pleasure.

Before all else, make sure you both are home alone…

Invite him to the kitchen while grilling, “do not” rush initiate with some titillating, saucy, and compelling conversation; this is going to turn him on… when his hormones are at peak … it is the right time to hit the prey….serve him heavenly, seek help from kitchen furniture, make him sit on a bar tool or cooking platform, go on your knee, ladies!!!!! Taste his candy with all the passion, and let him reward you.

Take care of a few things … make sure you look seductive and attractive, smell pleasant ( make him weak through your fragrance), don’t just told his tool like a hotdog or put it into your mouth lifelessly, keep twisting it, sucking, licking, and stroking it, talk naughty to him, tease him or fill him with those naughty bits all over his inner thighs.

Make her moan- Believe this, no one with satisfactory sexual life has ever said this “sex is only bedroom exercise”, its time to utilize your table or counter for the bizarre plan.

Ask her to sit or lay half on the cooking platform while you stand or sit on the Chair, dance with your tongue, let her body be a plain canvas, and your fingers are paint brushes …. move them erotically. Use ‘ edibles’ from your pantry, like honey or chocolate syrup,  allow it to pour drop by drop on her unclad body; this is going to charge your senses, let her body sink…

If you have ample time, eat your dessert fully; try different positions to make your moments more memorable.

Position You Can Try- Kitchen Sex

#1. Reverse Cowgirl– Place yourself on a chair or bar tool and accept her ride; this will result in deep penetration and will treat your penis tip in a lovely way.

#2. Iron Chef– Post cunnilingus, pull her more towards the edge through the butt and get ready for too and for a moment…  for spicing up this penetration process, make sure you kiss her knees or lips.

Ensure that counter is clean because sex and knife or spoons don’t go well together, as well as your stove is cool.

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