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The “Not-so-Secret” Reasons Why Older Women Like Dating Younger Men

For what reason do older women like younger men? For what reason would a more seasoned lady need to date a more youthful person? What’s the reason the ladies become cougars?

Top Reason Why Older Women Like Dating Younger Men

This article looks over the “not-so-secret” reasons explaining – why a lady in her 30s or 40s might look for a relationship with a man in his 20s.

#1. Younger Men are Way More Attractive

Time isn’t kind to anybody. (Especially to the men who forget to take care of their looks and bury themselves in work, work and work). Curves and fat are only a portion of the undeniable indications of ageing that can add a long time to a man’s look. A lady might date a younger man if she feels that men her age are not as appealing as they used to be any longer.

One may think this is the exact same situation when an older man dates a young lady. Just reverse the gender (Meh!). Middle-aged women can be drawn to young men since they are in their pinnacle state of being and may have a full head of hair, solid muscles, and more sexual endurance.

The reason applies particularly to ladies who have not allowed the years to negatively affect their bodies and stayed spurred to work out and stay fit. They might feel that they are compromising by dating men of her age who look at least ten years older than their actual age. She would prefer to date a man who is ten years younger than her yet looks nearly her age or even one who looks perceptibly younger. The exact reason and explanations behind choosing a young darling or sweetheart – will be known only to her.

#2. She Has More Relationship Experience

A more established lady will obviously have more relationship experience than her young sweetheart. It gives women the feeling of maturity (they actually are. Duhh!!!). They feel fitter for taking care of the good and bad times of a relationship. This unconventional power change can be an appealing component in these kinds of pairings. It can be a mutually beneficial arrangement for the younger man and the more established lady.

#3. She Can Take the Lead in the Bedroom

Given her experience, she knows what she needs and can also be a good educator. Because of his freshness, she can instruct him into precisely being the sort of darling she needs him to be, rather than adjusting to his recently settled beliefs of room exercises. Power dynamics are very alluring and, in a society where women are slut-shamed for having and owning their desires, dating young men closes that door. Younger men are more accepting and they also kind of feel grateful to have cougars. Wink-wink – It’s a win-win situation.

#4. Almost All The Men Her Age Are Married Or In A Relationship

The absence of choice can be genuine prevention for a lady in her late thirties and forties. Numerous more established ladies date younger folks just because most men of their age are either hitched, in a relationship, or not keen on dating.

Individuals regularly enter heartfelt or sexual connections out of comfort—they date their associates, schoolmates, or individuals they meet doing elements of their day to day routine. So when a more seasoned lady is searching for another mate in this restricted pool of men her age, she probably won’t track down any feasible choices and go searching for a more youthful person – all things being equal.

#5. There’s a Thrill in Dating a Younger Guy

Everybody likes to release some pressure in the wake of being trapped in a hopeless cycle of life. There are numerous methods of doing this, and one of them is to accomplish something “no-no”, such as having a younger partner. Society anticipates that women should “settle down” into their homegrown jobs by a particular age. Dating young men helps them in defying this forced gender role. 

You frequently see older men dating younger women because of their “emotional inexperience” (Not knowing what they deserve and being happy at the bare minimum). So for what reason should ladies be denied the experience of that extravagance?

#6. Let’s Be Honest – Young Guys Are More Fun

Single men in their 30s and 40s can be troubled by numerous obligations. Home loan instalments, divorce settlement instalments, tension at work, Visa obligation and their mates from their youth and, the competition they bring is enough to remove the fun and independence from an older man’s life.

In comparison, men in their 20s have fewer things to stress over – making them more carefree and unconstrained. Young men are more able to go out for that midnight pizza without stressing over getting up promptly the following day (or getting indigestion – Duh!!!), or they will enthusiastically party on a workday without complaining with regards to a headache the next day.

A young man will also be comparatively less involved on an everyday basis, making him promptly accessible for improvised dates. This multitude of elements makes the relationship with the younger men considerably less tedious and significantly more fun.

#7. The Younger Guy Brings Excitement Back To The Bedroom

Dating a young person can flavour things up in bed. A lady who has recently gotten out of a cold marriage might want to get her part back in the room. Younger men frequently have more strength and might be more able to spice up their physical activities than more seasoned men, who thus bring only “more sexual experience” to the table.

While these are not the only reasons why more seasoned ladies like dating younger folks, these are a few “not-so-secretive” reasons. Younger people also tend to appreciate the beauty they are blessed with, so – it also has a surplus of rediscovering how it feels to be adored and loved by a man.

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